10 dating tips for bartenders

Yet she also thinks it’s important to describe her career to her daughter in a filtered, age-appropriate way.

Just like how police officers, bartenders, and emergency-room doctors wouldn’t share all the details of their job with their children, Daniels believes that discussing the adult industry should be no different.

Although Daniels is comfortable with her career choices, she also describes being very aware of others’ prejudices.

She doesn’t readily tell other moms who are not in the adult business what she does for a living.

But there’s a dark side—and others have not been as kind as her fans.

Daniels has had to contend with some ugly criticism.

“There were 30 kids in his class and the other mom came to school and gave out 29 cupcakes and 20 invitations to his skating party, and didn’t give him a cupcake and didn’t give him an invitation to the party.

“I keep people at a distance because I don’t want them to find out what I do and then punish my daughter for it,” she says.

She shares a cautionary tale from a friend of hers, who used to be in porn.

She’s adamant about preparing her for the negative backlash she might experience from people opposed to the adult industry.

“I’ll tell her Mommy has a job that some people don’t approve of, but Mommy’s proud of it and it’s for adults,” she says.

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