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Emails claiming to be from e-commerce giant Amazon.This method was used to distribute the Locky ransomware and appear legitimate at first sight. This method often involves sending a mail with the subject header “Invoice XXXXX” and also have a few lines of text designed to get the user to download the attachment.Why would such tech savants waste their time on using emails to get their revenge against companies and governments?While this stereotype is favored by Hollywood, the truth is that anybody with access to an internet connection has the potential at their fingertips to steal and become that little-understood creature known as a hacker. Despite its no long history of use within the technology sector email is still the most effective delivery method for attacks.

These emails are composed with the intention of getting the user to open an attachment.The attachment is often presented as a Microsoft Word document but in reality that contains malware.Locky was spread through another campaign using this method.Once this is understood malicious emails can be easily detected and dealt with.The rest of the article is dedicated to doing exactly that.

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