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It would be very hard for a general not to acknowledge a 'Internet massive attack' on utilities, govt and military to be the same equivalent of a ICBM attack. Quote- We are now, in relation to the problem of cyber-warfare, at the same stage of intellectual development as we were in the 1950s in relation to possible nuclear war." John Chipman, Director-General IISS Much like the nuclear bomb, Cyber warfare is set to revolutionise the way the wars of the future will be fought.The speed and anonymity of cyber attacks, coupled with the lack of cyber arms control, means that hostile governments and non state actors will increasingly look to wage war in the cyber realm.Our govt like the US govt cannot fight the internet as it was designed to surivive nuclear war- so by design it can always be re-routed and moved.

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With Wikileaks attracting MSM attention and now such sites will be used by nation states against one another.e) We put our obligation under export controls beyond the company's commercial interests.Specifically, we have established a comprehensive trade compliance team with strict policies and operation systems, including an internal export control system, and certification from authorities. "Proliferation is a real problem, and no country is prepared to deal with it,” said Melissa Hathaway, a former United States national cybersecurity coordinator. After all, it wouldn’t want to be two weapon systems — nuclear and cyber — down on Israel, would it? My CO broke my legs and kept me behind a computer screen instead. v=s93KC4AGKn Y no where we know where this old started. Mof Gyjg M/Ug0P-3h KB1I/AAAAAAAAB6Y/Jn Qa Cqoj Ye A/s1600/You raise interesting and valid points about cyber crimes and warfare.The widespread availability of the attack techniques revealed by the software has set off alarms among industrial control specialists, she said: “All of these guys are scared to death. A demonstration of the weapon’s power, it was intended to act as a deterrent to keep other states, such as Iran, from . While China in US are engaged in a cyber war that could go nuclear at any time (like the 50's)- Pakistan and India are also engaged in one as well as some former Soviet states with Russia. page is evolving over time chopping and changing to keep its relevancy and currentness. Stuxnet is one example that has the ability to cause a lot of issues. T security is paramount but from my experience its not taken seriously enough, let me rephrase that *understood* by the old crudies that run the place. The ammount of bot attacks I get on my Broadband service from china is pure madness.

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