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Dane Cook did not go professional right after high school, however, electing instead to study graphic design in college, just in case his comedy career didn’t work out. By the time he was twenty, Cook had ingratiated himself with the local comedy scene as the star of a Boston improv group.

The group struggled to achieve wide-ranging success, however, and were even “shoed” off stage once, in an incident in which audience members at a Phish concert hurled their shoes at the group.

He finally broke out of his shell during his second-to-last year of high school when he became involved with a drama program.

It was here that Cook rekindled his childhood love of standup comedy and the young man began to experiment with performing on stage.

Famously “straight-edged,” Cook’s act is not fueled by alcohol or drugs, but instead focuses around a kind of long-form storytelling in which Cook finds the humor present in everyday situations.

Fan favorites include bits about the “pickles lady” at a local fast food restaurant, the uncoolness of Kool-Aid, the pleasures of tickling, playing Monopoly, and the horrors of public restrooms.

This was just the beginning of his business relationship with Comedy Central however.

His first comedy album, , has sold over a million copies in the United States alone and continues to be one of the most popular comedy albums of the new millennium.

One of the most wildly popular comedians among young people in generations, Dane Cook’s star ascended steadily for a decade.

In fact, Dane Cook is one of the most successful comics of all time in purely financial terms.

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