A dunhill dating guide

It will seem rather strange to the casual browser that there are relatively few case back stamps pictured initially, especially when we have a large number of vintage Rolex models for sale and well over a thousand more that are here in stock, but which haven’t yet been catalogued for presentation online due to enormous amount of time needed to write suitable descriptions for each.

The reason for this is that in order to create a meaningful table that is entirely accurate with no percentage of error, we decided to include as source material only those watches on which the date of either assay or retail sale could be identified categorically, either from, in the first instance, a clear British hallmark date letter or, in the second, original receipt or guarantee paperwork that was supplied with the watch when new.

When it first appeared, 7 world’s records were stated, with this number gradually rising to, we think, 41, just before the close of World War II.

In our business, we have long believed that if this rising number was accurately charted by year, it would be a useful dating aid that could be of assistance to the collector in instances when other means of identifying a specific year of production, i.e.

In other words, if we have a watch in front of us that is without a UK hallmark and doesn’t have its original sales paperwork from new, because its exact date can never be pinpointed without a margin for error, even if we feel that we can gauge its age very precisely from its specification and serial number, we will not include its case back markings in this chart.

By being extremely strict in the criteria required to gain inclusion, we should hopefully produce the definitive visual guide to vintage Rolex case back stamps from the pre-World War I era right through to the 1980s.

case serial number and British hallmark date letter, were, for whatever reason, not available.

Similarly with early Rolex Oyster cases, there should be a pattern of increasing patent numbers mentioned as the years go on.

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Despite the occasional listings of Dunhill pipe shapes in various catalogs, books and on the web, I had yet to come across a single complete list of published Dunhill pipe shapes. The tables below follow a set pattern for each shape entry.

When it was obvious that there was going to be war with Germany, the two partners realised that it wasn’t going to be commercially advantageous to have the German sounding name “Wilsdorf” in their business title.

Wilsdorf had come up with the word Rolex quite some time before but in November 1915, the two officially changed their trading style to “The Rolex Watch Company Limited”.

Many thanks to Eric for the information he has collected for us.

Briar & Leaf Followers, For years, I have been interested in collecting and smoking Dunhill pipes.

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