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But in a serious case it won't take much of a lawyer to get the truth out. I asked for clarification of some of the Cats on the back etc what I could drive and they were very helpful. Hope that helps you LT LT also, I paid half up front not by wire , or western Union or what ever there called.

A better idea: bribe the dictator of some tin-pot dictatorship to make you a diplomat in some EU country, and then get a diplomatic licence. or i never used this service, because i'm their competitor" And also if it helps I was departed from Seattle, WA. I paid the rest to the lady that delivered it , The only thing and it is small that I did complain about was I did not get the paper bit of the licence until 2 weeks after I got the photo card. They said they always did this but I did not know and still dont know why.

@ Looker Hi there I still have not yet received the a level cert from them.I'm sure there are Eastern European driving schools who can bribe certain test centres (hey, that even happened in California a few years ago).And residence can be finessed (you register domicile and then go abroad again, and come back after 6 months).The UK dip licences are only valid for 3 years, but most EU countries issue regular licences valid forever (but not exchangeable for UK ones unless you took an EU, Canadian, etc. in all honesty youd be better off making the license yourself use either photoshop or gimp2.6 if you have a provisional license just scan it into your computer just the color to pink using microsoft publisher save it then use photoshop or gimp to adjust and do the rest ie add photo print off on teslin paper/artysan paper buy the laminater pouches use laminater if you cant afford laminator use an iron on medium heat youcan buy any hologram that looks similaror get it made specialy the current dvla licenses are 2d hot stamped i think for the back gold the front could just use 2d hologram see through one here are just a few websites uk overall it would probanly cost you the same if you paid someone else to doit but at lest this way you have peace of mind that it will turn up and youve not been talking to either interpol police and if your not happy withit you can just make another one I'm surprised idchief hasn't been shut down. I know of a company that supplies real Driving licences .It's rare you see a legit vendor making US novelty license's that has survived more than one week without being busted . Offering a UK novelty licence is a sure way to get nicked and I think they know it. It's probably just a matter of time before there's a knock at the door. As i already said you i've traveled in Canada trough Kelowna Airport. I actually got one off them a year ago but the site vanished.

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