Accommodating employee incontinent

The district court granted IDOT’s motion for summary judgment, holding that working at heights above 25 feet was an essential function of Miller’s job.The Seventh Circuit reversed and remanded the case for trial. Why did the acrophobic bridge worker fare better than the incontinent court reporter? The court required all court reporters to rotate through all positions and the ability to do so was an essential function.Rosehips, cassis, fraises de bois, citrus rind, with a wonderfully austere stony finish.

Pregnancy and childbirth can increase the chance of stress incontinence.

The message from this case is clear: if an employer believes that an employee’s ability to do all of the tasks involved in a position is essential, the employer should communicate this requirement, and then enforce it.

Conversely, if employees work as a team, it may not be essential that each member of the team be able to perform each assignment.

Stress incontinence causes light leakage, and the most common incontinence product used to manage light leakage is the bladder control pad.

Bladder control pads are designed for lighter output, so they’re perfect for absorbing leakage from stress incontinence.

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