Accomodating diversity in

We find that using under-performing cores improves performance by 16% on average and saves CPU energy by up to 16% across the NAS and SPEC-OMP benchmarks on a quad-core AMD platform.

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Through a comparative analysis, it sensitizes us to the complexity of the majority—minority relationship, and simultaneously draws attention to articulations of minority consciousness.

However, with non-uniform workload partitioning, we find that using both low and high frequency cores improves performance and reduces energy consumption over just running faster cores.

Thread scheduling and workload partitioning naturally play significant roles in these improvements.

For example, in British Columbia Maritime Employers Assn. International Longshore and Warehouse Union, Local 500 (Dhillon Grievance), the arbitrator found that the employer was not required to allow employees to work in positions without a hard hat where one was required by policy.

In this case, the employer’s process for accommodating such employees by providing them access to other jobs (even if those jobs were preferred positions) satisfied its duty to accommodate.

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