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Finding the icon for the printer/scanner she opened the application and pressed scan. "Before proceeding do you want to save previous file? Clicking on "more details," in the hope of being provided another option, like "ignore" she was greeted with an image that took her breath away. Georgia's mind was struggling to fathom what she was seeing.The photo was definitely her, taken last Christmas as she enjoyed a glass of wine in the kitchen.* * * * * 25 years later, Georgia was running late for work. Stumbling along the hallway, her skirt around her waist, attempting to pull up her pantyhose she was thankful Darcy had already left the house. Another thought entered her mind and she voiced her frustration in an audible, "Fuck!" She'd forgotten to email a copy of her driver's license to the DMV.

A blonde undercut and a Red Hot Chili Peppers t-shirt, she thought he looked like Kurt Cobain.

Someone had edited it to make her appear half naked. She clicked out of the printer application and retrieved her drivers license from the scanner and shut down her son's PC. She and Georgia were more than just colleagues but that had never extended to sharing such intimate details about her life.

Not just "someone" she thought, the only person who even had access to the photo. The more she stared at herself the more detail she noticed. They were slender like her own, the black high heels they wore could have been her own. The women in the photo had a completely bald vagina. She thought to herself and immediately rebuked herself for posing such an unimportant question at this time. A quick scan of the desk to make sure her presence would go unnoticed and she exited his bedroom. "It began with peeping through a keyhole in the bathroom. It had been years since she'd even thought about it and now here she was openly discussing it at work of all places. Their father caught them spying on me and gave them a thrashing. As they say, it's better to regret something you did than something you didn't." Carol retorted. They stopped taking my underwear and didn't dare spy on me again for fear of my husband.

Did she get that drunk that somehow she'd forgotten it? She knew the exact photo, it was one of the rare photos they'd actually made a physical print of. He had girlfriends, why would he even need to do something like this? Right now, finding porn in his search history seemed like a much better outcome. " "Well my boys would take my dirty panties from the wash. "Kind of flattering if you think about it." She took a sip of tea and went on, Georgia hugging her coffee mug, all thought of working out of her mind.

No, the photo had been doctored, "photo-shopped" she thought the word was. With trembling hands she closed the photo and the pop up. I'd find them stuffed back in the laundry basket dripping with... Often they'd forget and leave them in their beds, under a pillow or something. It was such a regular thing I was surprised when I didn't." "So it was just your dirty ones? "You know, they'd spy on me too." Carol began to surprise even herself at the level of her admission.

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