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The reference in Line 4 to Levi as a friend of God, if allowed, also parallels similar denotations about Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, already noted in Chapter 3.(15) to my father Jacob and whe[n...] (16) from Abel Mayin.The essence] of each of your works (6) [must be Truth.

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Then, wh]en Jacob my father was tithing (5) [everything that he owned according to a vow made to God, for the first time I was at the head of the priest]s, and to me of (all) his sons he gave...

It emphasizes two previous, primordial Righteous Ones of the utmost importance to this tradition, Enoch and Noah.

my toes and my fingers (13) [...1 prayed and] said, My Lord, You (14) know...

(19) in the vision of visions, and I saw Hea[ven opened and I saw the mountain] (20) beneath me, as high as to reach to Heav[en, and I was on it.

Then (3) [I said, This is a vision, and thus I am amazed that I should have any vision at all.] I [hid] this also in my heart; to no person did I (4) [reveal it.

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