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State law requires citizens to notify the SCFC before burning yard debris.Find your county's toll-free burn notification number here.Both the USDA and the Forestry Commission are equal opportunity providers and employers.Due to security and computer virus protection, your email inquiry may be perceived as "spam" and not delivered to the intended recipient.

The legislation also raises the fines levied on those convicted of violating the ban to up to 0 for first offenses and at least 0 for second and subsequent offenses.The mission of the South Carolina Forestry Commission is to protect, promote, enhance, and nurture the forest lands of South Carolina in a manner consistent with achieving the greatest good for its citizens.Responsibilities extend to all forest lands, both rural and urban, and to all associated forest values and amenities including, but not limited to, timber, wildlife, water quality, air quality, soil protection, recreation, and aesthetics.While lightning and other natural causes contribute to some of this uptick in fire activity, unfortunately most of our state's wildfires are started by humans.In fact, across most of the South and especially here in South Carolina.

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