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A few single-issue booklets of spanking photographs date back to Paris in the mid-1930s.

Spanking photographs and artwork have been used to illustrate countless fetish-oriented magazines (on bondage, domination, slave-training, etc.) since the late 1940s.Other short-lived publications such as Half Holiday and Modern Society copied this formula before the more established London Life emerged in the 1920s.London Life (1920-1960), published by New Picture Press in London, was a popular men's magazine with articles, humor, short fiction, and modest cheesecake photos of showgirls and film starlets.However, it soon became infamous for its readers' letters which revealed an obsession with all sorts of fetishes – tightlacing, lingerie, high boots and heels, long gloves, cross-dressing, and so forth.By 1932 the magazine was even banned by the Irish government.

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