Adult interactive stories

Stories that are suitable for all ages and groups, even if they are not directly aimed at younger viewers.

They can not contain strong language or descriptions of sex or detailed violent acts.

The ad by Wieden Kennedy London aired on TV and at movie theaters last weekend, with plans to hit Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram through the end of the year, according to Adweek.

It's reeled in 150,000 views on You Tube since its Oct. The results: Even if the latest by the brand comes off as over-the-top and intentionally generic, leveraging a dash of self-aware marketing is pretty entertaining.

Bud Light also teased a line of quirky merchandise in September — kimonos, towels, jackets and fanny packs — in another element that might delight young consumers, who are showing a growing penchant for branded gear.

The rundown: M&M's is telling an interactive ghost story across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in weekly installments throughout October leading up to Halloween.

"Millie & Max: A Ghost Story" unfolds over seven chapters, each an approximately 30-second animated video that moves the story forward and then asks viewers to vote on one of two possible decisions the main character should make, with the following week's installment proceeding based on the most popular choice. Does Millie choose A) M&M’S Ghoul’s Mix B) M&M’S White Candy Corn#Millie And Max #Halloween R7Ce3vj3v — M&M'S® Brand (@mmschocolate) October 17, 2017 The results: Interactive digital stories are somewhat of a trend with younger consumers who regularly check their smartphones for new and fun content.

Our application allows users to read and collaboratively write Infinite Stories.

They are otherwise known as branching, choose-your-own-adventure, CYOA or text adventures — all collectively known as interactive fiction (wiki).

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