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In one of St Elsewhere's most-compelling moments, Dr.

Craig witnessed the autopsy of his only son Steven (Scott Paulin), from whom he had been estranged due to his own autocratic ways and his son's drug abuse. Craig spoke tenderly of the times when he used to read Green Eggs and Ham to his son.

Together, he says, the two would read the final lines of the book.

Mark Craig would be ranked #41 in TV Guide's 1999 ranking of the "50 Greatest TV Characters of All Time." Throughout the run, Daniels is the only actor to appear in every episode of the series, with the exception of 8.

In a flashback episode, it was revealed that during his early years at the hospital, he had faced serious prejudice for being Jewish.He initially resigned in 1985 and travelled to Africa to do some volunteer work.However, upon his return from Africa, he was brought back as Director of Medicine.Once again feeling burnt out and being pressured by the new hospital owners, Dr.Westphall quit his job and left the hospital 3 episodes into Season 6.

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