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Klamath River salmon will be less of a concern in 2018 as their numbers are forecast to be considerably higher than last year.

Because fishery managers over predicted last years fall run returns, they have purposely under predicted this years.

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Until now, DWR has never paid for this even though they are obligated to as part of required mitigation for operation of the Oroville dam. of Fish and Wildlife using emergency drought funds which are now dried up.CDFW was unable to resolve the dispute with DWR until GGSA got involved and successfully made the case with higher ups in state and federal government that paying for tagging and clipping is part of DWRs mitigation responsibility.The forecast of adult Sacramento River salmon in the ocean at about 230,000 is very close to what was predicted last year at this time.Dennis Phanner of Sacramento Pro Tackle said Thursday 5-3, They are slaughtering, killing, and maiming the striped bass in the Sacramento metropolitan area with blood worms, pile worms, and sardines, and the river is clearing up enough to throw swimbaits or Zoom Flukes.The larger grade of striped bass are still on the Feather, and we have heard about linesides in the 18 to 25-pound range.

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