Alan greisman dating

Field has been an outspoken and proud mother of her gay son.She’s even opened up to to Oprah Winfrey about her son in the past.Sally Field Pens Heartfelt Letter About Gay Son Sam "A five-year plan assumes you have control over your life..much of it is chance.Sally Field’s son is lucky to have her for a mother, because she may have just made his dreams come true over the weekend.After getting divorced, her mother married stuntman and actor Jock Mahoney.

There’s no word of them going on a date yet (though we are keeping a close eye) and the truth is, not all gay men are instantly compatible! They could easily just end up being friends but we have no problem shipping their potential relationship.

If you want a closer look at Field’s son, then you need to check out his Instagram account, samg1287. Greisman, who some are calling “America’s gay sweetheart,” is single and made headlines when a text between him and his famous mother was made public.

If you look through some of the photos, you will notice that Greisman graduated from New York’s Columbia University’s School of the Arts film program! ) He also has a dog named Henny, and according to the top of the account, it looks like his work is based both in New York City and Los Angeles. In the text, Sally Field wanted to hook her single son up with the openly gay Olympic figure skater.

She first married to a director and then she broke up her relation with him.

The couple together had two sons who now are novelist and actor, director.

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