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I am very sorry to hear about your mother and this drug..

That being said i have several female relatives that take this medication and have never had a problem.

For about a week though, I was panicking because 95% of the more notable medical sites don't even mention it's use or effectiveness as an anti androgen.

It's really hard to notice T-Blocking if you're not looking out for it either in any drug, which makes it worse.

Then one day something caught my eye on a Google search page that wasn't related to my serach.

it said that spironolactone was 'an anti-androgen' medication.

I'm a little over a month away from 21, and I've been taking it ever since... Thank u so much for the testimony that you've given to on..i feel safer taking more proven and tested that spironolactone is a is not too risky taking it coz it has lots of medical benefits...a transwomen is it very skeptical for us especially taking medications for our transition...thanks a lot ...i am using it right now....I stopped as soon as I could after I found out that's why my sec drive was suffering because of it .I just started taking amiloride for cirrhosis fluid retention , and the hair on my head wouldn't grow like before and almost no public hair , very thin now . I was never told this when prescribed , I feel damaged !As for facial hair, once it starts growing it's always going to. I also use an Oestrogen vaginal cream, will this affect the Spironolactone?Toni (# 8) -- Just because you don't know something, doesn't mean it's not true.

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