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It is to Lambert’s credit and astounding talent that he got this far, and the media sensation he has created ensures him a very exciting post-Idol career.

He’s a phenomenon who has earned every bit of ink he has created. His outrageous performances woke up a sleeping audience.

A Lambert win would have scared the bejeezus out of him.

Conservatives are all still stinging from their defeat at the polls in November. They couldn’t possibly let a guy who wears eyeliner and nail polish win, no matter how astoundingly talented he is.

Being frontman of a band isn't as easy as some believe.

For 24 talented singers, it's hard; it's harder when their band mates and families get kidnapped by an unknown being. When he gets a phone call from home, things are even more confusing.

Bill O’Reilly, a homophobe who knows what plays to his old white guy audience, did at least two features on Lambert’s sexuality, creating an issue where none needed exist.O’Reilly is a skilled propagandist, warning us against the evils of the secular world before they even entered our minds.And Steoodeh wrote, post ‘Idol,” about reasons why Lambert may have lost, neglecting to mention how he himself may have contributed.Danny Gokey’s pastor Twittered, “We need a believer to represent.” Even Rev.Ted Haggard, the most frightened homosexual in America, Twittered that he wanted Allen to win.

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