Alyssa milano dating old spice guy

The campaign reached a climax this week as the Old Spice Guy filmed more than 200 improvised videos replying to questions and requests from Twitter users.

For a less high-profile effort, P&G could easily ax the campaign and choose a different strategy. But cancelling Old Spice Guy while he's a certified media darling -- do a search for "Old Spice" in Google News and you'll see what I mean -- would be a PR debacle.

Of these, lapachol has been the most intensely studied.

Most people, however, are interested in the potential cancer-fighting properties of this herb.

Pau d'arco appears to combat bacteria, viruses and fungi, reduce inflammation and support the immune system.

One of its best-documented uses is to treat vaginal yeast infections; herbalists often recommend a pau d'arco tea douche to restore the normal environment of the vagina.

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