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Crowds of up to 200 were reported by 9pm as numbers swelled, and a burning barricade was set up on the Lecky Road flyover and on Fahan Street.The PSNI counted a total of 74 petrol bombs thrown, although few were seen to hit their target.Posted by Jim on July 18, 2018 This past week the AOH met in our 99th ennial Convention.While attending one of our meetings the Florida Vice President, Ray Lynch, proposed to the order that a committee be formed to study the possibility of creating a pin honoring members who served, or are serving, as 1st Responders in America.

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2001, I strongly support this proposal and I urge all AOH Division, County and State Boards pass proposals in support of Vice President Ray Lynch’s request to our National Board.These sustained attacks have been widely condemned and must end.“My full support goes to the PSNI and others who are working so hard to end this intolerable violence by a small minority.” In Belfast, flute bands breached a Parades Commission determination by playing music outside St Patrick’s Church in Belfast, but other ‘Twelfth’ parades by the Orange Order passed off without incident.“People in the Bogside were afraid for their lives last night,” she said.“This has gone beyond recreational rioting, this is disgraceful and those involved in it and indeed those behind the scenes stirring up this type of activity, need to catch themselves on.” British Direct Ruler Karen Bradley said: “The disorder in Derry last night, including targeted attacks on police vehicles and others, was completely unacceptable.

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