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While in school, he was able to work through his antisocial personality disorder, and he eventually graduated. Yet, shortly after leaving UCLA, the very first of Rodney’s heinous crimes would occur…

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Incredibly, two children who were attending the New Hampshire art camp recognized Rodney’s picture on an FBI poster, and their parents quickly alerted authorities. This allowed Rodney to plead to the much lesser charge of assault.

He was imprisoned on rape charges when his DNA was connected to many of the LA killings. DNA linked him to five additional murders that took place between 19.

He was sentenced to death for his horrific crimes, but he died in the hospital, where he was taken for emergency treatment in 2016.

He typically killed white women, whom he had kidnapped and tortured prior to their deaths.

He was arrested when caught breaking into the Houston home of two young women in 1982.

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