Amperstand not validating javascript w3c taylor and edyta sliwinska dating

But the last time I checked, at least two major computer company pages "passed," but another one had over 300 errors. I have always suspected that many companies rush to get out their products before adequate testing, just to be "first! :do'h: How could I have forgotten about external files?

That's what I do simply because it's easier to maintain one file than it is to edit every page with javascript in it.

I have one section that I am having problems with and not sure how to correct... This is a restricted page so I removed the session so it can be made viewable by the general public. Tidy is no help and I can not find any information on how to correct this. My website ( which I am making, works fine in Safari and Chrome.

Maybe it's because I have no deadlines, am retired and such.Fireworks exports the file as HTML, and not XHTML, so the Java Script in the code doesn't validate.The W3C Validator has found 4 problems (there was around 70,but i fixed those all up, because they were just img tag issues): If anyone knows Java Script and can fix these (or at least help me fix them), please post!The easiest solution is probably just to use &. This results in the same URL, but is safely embedded in the HTML.Because this can be a bit of a hassle, the W3C recommends that scripts use the semicolon character instead, which is perfectly valid according to the CGI specification which would use what function? Maybe I can use the hex value or somthing(or whatever the name is for being "space").

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