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Violent lynchings, which often involve the victims being burned alive, are a fact of life in Guatemala - in March, two men were lynched in the village of Saquiyá, around 100 miles away from Rio Bravo, after they were accused of stealing a car.The mob of around 150 people burned one of the men alive, and hung the other from a tree. Many powerful drug and human trafficking cartels operate in the nation, due to its central position between South and North America.At my own marriage lunch, I changed into a pair of jeans once the photos and pleasantries were done and the one who enjoyed it the most was Gautam’s octogenarian grandmother. Few days later, I drove my mother-in-law, my nani-in-law (Amamma) and my husband to our home in the hills after the marriage and that was not the only stereotype smashed. No, Amamma Amamma asked me if I wanted a child and when I said no, she said, "Ah, so you want to have fun with no responsibilities…good." Clichéd films and television soaps would have you convinced that a south Indian mother in law would not imagine you beyond the kitchen, but mine told me to never enter one, unless I wanted.

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Drama unfolding around most Indian weddings has been ingrained in our minds. Perhaps, there was no ticking clock that would have pushed either to marry within a certain time frame.

Keep it simple When it came to planning the wedding, everything was being done with the thought of trying to conform to the idea of marriage fed to us. Though, for a while Gautam and I thought of going the whole hog for the sake of our parents, they did not push us for a grand wedding.

Weddings, often become a place where extended families meet. We landed at the Registrar’s office, much before time and waited to be summoned.

Though we had lost touch for almost two decades, we surprised each other by picking things up in 2007, right at the point where we had left them in 1986. In fact, both of us never really thought of getting married with all the pomp that accompanies an Indian wedding.

We had been best friends, in third grade, back in the 1980s.

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