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She shoves several fingers inside the girl as she squirms. Kneeling in front of her, gloves still glistening, Officer Wells tells her to shut her fucking mouth. The girl nervously eyes the other officer, who motions for her to obey.'She's really wet,' the female officer jokes to her partner. It's a dramatic change in tone and Charlotte is taken aback. Closing her eyes, Charlotte draws in a deep breath, as Officer Wells brings her face in very close to the girl's vagina and takes a deep breath in herself. Officer Wells looks up at her and, smile fading, informs her that she is smelling for drugs.When the outer doors open again, she is surprised to see Officer Wells enter instead. They look at each other for a moment, before Officer Wright whispers that this was why he kept her overnight.She is a beautiful female corrections officer, neatly styled in a tight-fitting uniform. The female officer unlocks the cell and approaches the girl. 'Yes,' Officer Wells agrees, smiling and turning back to the girl. Officer Wells informs her in a sweet, sympathetic voice that she and her partner are going to have to take her clothing into custody and conduct a full body search.She really doesn't think it's a good idea to stop, especially where they are so clearly visible.Max tells her to chill out and join him and, finally, she agrees.

Max runs away, leaving Charlotte alone with the bottle in her hand and an open backpack full of spray paint. She wakes up to realize she is being pet by a fellow inmate, a tough-looking woman, who nudges the girl lustfully.Right now Brutal Pass is the one and only way to get tons of exclusive forced sex porn in one place.There are other networks but only Brutal Pass features forced sex videos no one has ever seen before. They walk aimlessly, unable to find the water tower until Max, growing frustrated, suggests they stop and drink instead.He pulls out an unmarked 40-ounce bottle from his bag and takes a swig, as Charlotte watches the road.

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