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Cowell appears to realize the connection and changes the wording to "stab yourself." Simon says ... , State Fire Marshal's Office consultant Gail Mc Leod stops by and offers up some devastating news. Anatomy of a Cheater Award: What's the secret to passing a drug test? During his appearance on , Mike Tyson explains how he used the pseudo-anatomy filled with uncontaminated urine to dupe drug testers during his boxing heyday. Abbott signs off on Jane's napkin list of demands, but once they return stateside, Abbott says their napkin agreement has no standing, and Jane ought to accept his deal or he'll go to prison. After being knocked out, Barry wakes up in the Foundry, where he sees Oliver dressed as the Arrow.

Because of Chief Boden's actions to get his job back, and to try to stop Mc Leod in the process, Firehouse 51 will be closed after the team has one final shift together. "You just make noise, and normally if you're a guy and you pull it out in front of [the drug tester], they're like, 'Whoa, whoa [turns away], and then you do it," he says, adding that the fake penis is connected to a jock strap. Ollie won't be happy when he finds out that someone else knows his secret, but at least he'll be alive.7.

Gadreel kills Kevin on Metatron's orders and informs Dean that "there is no more Sam," leaving Dean more alone than ever. He succeeds with Ciera, who casts her vote for Monica instead of Hayden.

After two tie votes and no one willing to change who they're voting for, the "safe" contestants are forced to draw rocks, per the show's rules.

In an email to Petraschuk, Bad Fly's PR company Game Promoter said it did not condone the actions of the developer, had no idea it was going on, and said it would not promote future games from Bad Fly.

However, in a follow-up exchange with Eurogamer, Game Promoter's Tina Olsen said the company is still working with Bad Fly."We had a talk with them after the incidents when we found out ourselves, and Bad Fly Interactive no longer demand positive reviews to provide future keys," Olsen said."They took the critics from media, and listened, and changed their approach.

It's not uncommon for small developers to mention their small teams and remind critics that they are not AAA houses.

However, Dykast took things a step further." Let me just mention one thing, though: this is an indie game which, unfortunately, is very often compared with big-budget games, and that's quite a problem and very much damages its reputation in final ratings.

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Here's an excerpt:"Bad Fly creative director Lubomr Dykast sent a code via email with a note.

Please take into consideration the fact that this game was created by a small team of developers (11) who just try to develop a good shooter game, and that's about it.

Unfortunately, a number of journalists have other, much bigger expectations from it, and that's very damaging for us eventually.

We are creating our dream and we really want it to succeed," he says, before insisting the company does not have a native English speaker."The point of our message was just to see us as what we are - a small indie studio," he says."Shitstorm started, lesson learned."It does indeed sound like Bad Fly regrets the situation, which it admits is of its own making.

But it has caused itself a headache by making a terrible first impression with many gamers.

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