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watch her little Video Diaries she makes so even when her heart stops they'll remember her... No one could have predicted Steve Rogers' fall from grace, but when he reappeared after all those months, he's hiding something, and everyone around him can tell.After their stint in Siberia, Steve Rogers makes some of the most difficult decisions he's ever had to. But when Peter Parker and Clint Barton are captured, and the team begins to fall apart at its seams, all hope is lost.

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Long before Spider-Man, long before the Avengers, long before the Chitauri Invasion and even before that day he got to meet Iron-Man by blasting a baddie in the face. His flawless big brother, his superhero before his life was full of them."Peter could still see his big brother, a cancer diagnosis hanging over his head, extending his hand with a sunflower smile, Petey, let's play superheroes." Of course it would be his cutesy, annoying, obnoxiously perfect big brother who got the killer zodiac sign. AKA: How Tony Stark (and just about everyone else) accidentally acquired two sons instead of one.

Chaque jour de l'été, un drabble sur un mot peu usité.

Fandoms : Avengers, Supernatural, X-Men, Sherlock Prince Buchanan, inheritor of the throne of the Great Muslim Empire, is send by his father to the new colonies of their people, Spain, where their culture is growing and the sunrise brings joy to their power.

Fight off goblins, skeletons and wild boars in this exciting new installment.

Utilize your manpower to maximum effect, and gain the best finish time.

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