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The face of Indian women has undergone a massive change in recent decades.

South Asian women just don't have the same reserved subservient image of their parents' generation.

Dating is now seeing a loosening, if not a total disappearance of the restrictions of old, determined by caste, religion and even race.

Though these may still remain of concern to some parents, it doesn't seem to feature high on a date's 'must haves' for the millennials!

Many will meet only on the basis of mutual interests and then take their relationship to the next level. Public displays of affection are becoming increasingly acceptable, especially in urban environments.

The first date is REALLY important, especially for the ladies! With more and more British South Asians getting married later in life, the chances of them having a sexual partner is likely to be higher.

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The South Asian dating scene is moving - and it's moving fast!Professional and Expats friends of mine, if they are not married (Or in a stable relationship), they are players who has a gf at home but cheat around.A friend I know (Western lady, professional) got divorced because of her husband (European) cheat on her with a younger western girl. Not sure what is meant by the 'good ones are almost impossible to find', but reckon that maybe your lady friends have set their expectations a bit too high. Professional, well-educated women (like your friends) tend to seek out men who are in the same (and hopefully higher) social / financial strata.I once said to a male expat friend "it's like a smorgasboard for white guys in HK, there are girls everywhere" His reply was, "yeah, if you're only wanting to get laid, there are a lot of girls.But if you want to find a quality, intelligent woman, who's on the same page to have a relationship with, it's pretty hard." So I think both men and women have problems finding a "decent" person to have a relationship with.

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