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In comparison to the Mademoiselle it has less citrus, more rose and patchouli is darker and sweeter together with the resins and tonka. The only down side is that the last versions have such a poor longevity.

Nice balance, nothing sharp or screechy, very wearable, good for present, for day or night. Mine is bought in 2018 and doesn't last more then 2 hours.

A treasure trove of splendours and an endless source of discovery and sensual delight.

Then, in 2001, came Coco Mademoiselle, a breath of air that lightens this cornucopia of fragrance, in which everything is simplified and accelerated in a radiant burst of fruit and flower.

I must also add that I found this fruitiness heavily pronounced in the perfume from the tester bottle, and I found it to be a bit too feminine for me.

However, in the possible reformulation with which I ended up, this element is more balanced and polished (but still kind of odd), and I feel more comfortable about it. It's nice but I don't see the connection to my beloved Coco at all.

I wasn’t impressed with this perfume on first introduction.

Coco Noir is, in my opinion, an excellent accessory to black attire and just makes me feel luxurious and somehow timeless. The initial spray is undescribable to me, literally, I can’t even figure out or remember what it smells like. I find the patchouli, musk, vanilla, and cloves stand out the most. Its a very comforting scent, warming and luxurious.

Alas, this feeling only lasts for a while as the perfume does not perform quite well as time passes. Any other Chanel, you could easily tell apart, this one is just fresh. But sadly, this fragrance lasts only about an hour on me.

The name really threw me off- I was expecting a rich, dark intoxicating elixir like Coromandel and what I got was not that.

Trying my sample again in high summer and dropping the baggage of expectation, I am really enjoying this now.

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