Aw dating

It was painful, Aw said, and because the cyst was so hard, she said it was like "poking through a wall" to get the liquid.

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Two years ago, Aw was worried about having them experience another loss when she discovered a hard, painful lump in her right breast - something she reveals in the book's section titled Note To Self: Write Before You Die.Aw said they had gone past that stage already and that he is able to accept her for whoshe is, as well as her unpredictable working hours.She added: "It's all about understanding the nature of one's job and giving support, like with every relationship." She said she wants to have children, although she's already mummy to a set of six-year-old triplets.I didn't want to jump to conclusions, but the fact that my aunt had breast cancer put the thought in my head." In her book, she also reveals that she was afraid the operation would leave a scar. "So there I was, telling my friend, 'People are busy inserting stuff in their breasts and here I am taking stuff out of mine when I really do not have much of them left!'" She revealed her condition to family members, some close friends, her management company Artiste Networks and the executive producer of the Channel 8 drama New Beginnings, which she was filming at the time.

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