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Robert Marawa: Not really, I think I had a standard when I joined the industry.

Also when Drum wanted to interview me as a new face on SABC1, I refused because there's nothing to write about new faces.

A new face needs to do something first before you can write about them.

BS: Isn't it substance if we want to know who this new person is, so that it's an introduction of some sort?BS: I think you're very harsh on them (SAFA) Marawa: Well, if harshness is the way to go to get answers then that's what you do.It's what intrigued me to go into the route that I went into and I don't regret it coz for me if you do background checks and investigate what the guys get up to, there's so much they get away with.That's why players in Lesotho are doing well, they almost beat Ghana because Lesotho players who are based here are playing ahead of South African players. So what we have to try and do is make sure that we in a way favour the country because apparently we are hosting a world cup soon...BS: I think that whole selection thing is debatable because someone might argue and say that you are in a way saying South African players should enjoy automatic selection, whereas it should be about hard work and match fitness but we won't go there, it'll take us forever. BS: You can also be very intimidating with the way you question your guests..

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