Backdating social security retirement benefit

The established onset date is set by a DDS disability examiner, or an administrative law judge (if your case has gone to hearing), and is considered to be the date for when a claimant's disability actually began.

By delaying retirement for a few months, your clients can access the chunk of cash that can be fundamental to purchasing a product to protect them from the unexpected at a time when the client’s retirement needs have finally become a reality.” As a bit of background: When you file for benefits (whether retirement benefits, spousal benefits, or widow/widower benefits), you can essentially backdate your application by up to 6 months.

In other words, the strategy consists of holding off on receiving 6 months of benefits, only to receive the exact same amount later as a lump-sum.

The only effect on you as an investor (relative to just claiming at full retirement age) is that you lose out on a few months of interest that you could have earned if you’d just taken the money earlier in the first place. It gives you a lump-sum of cash, with which you can purchase a product from the advisor.

The book provides a lot of very useful information within small space." Hi. I'm a CPA and the author of several personal finance books.

The point of this blog is to show that investing doesn't have to be complicated.

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