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But taking these as representative closes your mind and gives you a skewed picture of academia.

The article compares the older Campus Sexual Assault Survey (which found 14-20% of women were raped since entering college) to the just-released National Crime Victmization Survey (which found that 0.6% of female college students are raped per year).Both sides are no doubt very pleased with themselves. They look at all of the research – except of course the studies that have been “debunked” or “well-refuted”. Or one side of a complicated an interminable debate where both sides have about equal credentials and sway.If you can’t do that, you say “I think that my side of the academic debate is in the right, and here’s why,” not “your side has been debunked”.The arguments usually take the form of one side publishing a study, the other side ripping the study apart and publishing their own study which they say is better, and the first side ripping the second study apart and arguing that their study was better all along. If you don’t like a study, you can say “LOOK AT THESE FLAWS THESE PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS THE CONCLUSION IS COMPLETELY INVALID”.All you need to do is make enough isolated demands for rigor against anything you disagree with.

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