Best place to dating

Netflix and chill is for porridge-hoarding, hibernating bears.This season’s screenings are all in the great outdoors (and some parking lots). Catch French flicks downtown, fish features at Rockaway Beach, and spooky favorites on a west side battleship.You’ll feel the wind at your back, the sun on your face, and the sweet scent of the East River in your nostrils -- without actually leaving Brooklyn.Flex your grilling muscles at a waterfront hibachi-style public grill along Pier 5 in Brooklyn Bridge park.Current exhibitions at the Museum of Sex include a couple’s virtual reality experience focused on a pole dance in space, and a bouncy castle fashioned after breasts Dirt in your hair. Wolves circling, baring their glistening fangs as you huddle with your honey on the roof of your car. Instead, Go faux-glamping at Camp, a hunting lodge-themed bar in Brooklyn.Between rounds of If you can’t beat the heat, drink it!BYO meats, tools, and fixings, and cook up a classic summer-style feast.

And summer is for sexy singles (long nights, rooftop pools, hot hot heat, bikinis, sweaty strangers, outdoor movies, outdoor music, outdoor makeouts, beaches, impromptu picnics, boats, dancing, the requisite fling -- it all happens so fast).Check out rows and rows of roses, the Rock Garden’s cascading waterfall, the summer concert series, or just wander the grounds unbound.New York City residents can get in for as little as .Climes have got to be just right to truly enjoy our city’s outdoor food festivals.Too cold and eating outside is uncomfortable; too hot and it’s downright punishment.

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