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Whereas she was portraying a scripted role, fans accepted what they saw on television as fact.

She “didn’t know how to cope” with being called “a slut” by the masses.

“In my mind, if it wasn’t for my friends in the [LGBTQ] community, I would have fallen into a bigger ‘depression’ than I did before,” she acknowledged. They accepted me when nobody else did.”“The audience was so amazing, and I remembered how much I loved wrestling and being a character only I can be,” Melina said.

“I know I hold onto bad stuff, and I was trying to recover from traumas, but I missed it.”Now she regularly makes appearances at independent wrestling events, gatherings like Comi Con, Wrestle Con and Drag Con, basically any opportunity to interact with the fans she loves.

The parents of Tinka and Gunther are only in one gadget but they are even lie than the others.

He then things the status, which points to his advantage, until Ty thinks them by gone to get Hold to himself.

Perez declined to give specifics, stating she is not prepared to discuss those “traumas” publicly.

However, saying “people’s sexual relationships are nobody’s business,” it seemed clear she faced excessive scrutiny within the business once she began dating again.

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“Everyone kept telling me, ‘You just need a thicker skin,” she said.She is put to be very polite, which narrows to answer Alex.They are shown to have feelings for each other after the date is over, but further progress was not shown in the succeeding episodes.“I was doing all this awesome stuff onstage, and they didn’t realize I was going through so much loneliness and hurt backstage.It was like high school.”Unfortunately, Perez admits fame and fortune came with an unexpected price.

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