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Where romance in other hands would be wild, passionate, uncontrollable, “Small Plane” finds true love in knowing that his passenger trusts him enough to sleep as he flies them home, an astonishingly simple, yet deep statement of faith.

The symbiotic relationship with nature wraps everything together in interpersonal relationships as well: on “Spring”, he slowly croons that “all I wanna do/ is make love to you/ in the fertile dirt/ with a careless mind.” The ultimate goal is union, with nature and with the beloved, to the point that he can be entirely without care or concern.

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Time would see his musical short stories boiled down to their essentials, producing moments of dark humor and stark minimalism that are hard to shake.

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Dating back to the late ’80s, Bill Callahan’s catalog shows the earmarks of a genius.

Thanks to the rich clarity of his delivery and the prominent place that the vocals take in the mix, Callahan’s lyrics cast a long shadow over the rest of the album, allowing the literary connotations to carry over into analysis.

The characters in Callahan’s work have some serious echoes of Carver’s.

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