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Unfortunately, it can be for some black women (myself included), who occasionally feel like we're passed over by men who look like us in favor of women who don't.

Frustrated, Jazz and Sky vent about their recent dry spell to their confused friends around a table of food.

Ana and Nomi both look skeptical at first, but eventually come to realize that Jazz and Sky are unfortunately correct.

Case in point: Jazz sends a drink back for being less than appetizing. But, when Nomi does the exact same thing, no one bats an eye.

The two wonder if the reason they aren't getting dates is because black men prefer white women and non-black women of color.

According to Jazz, there's an unspoken list or hierarchy of the world's most eligible bachelorettes and black women are firmly at the bottom.

Yet the vision I had for myself didn’t seem to be coming together.This has to be the most important part of the entire episode.With plenty of articles out there about why black men don't want to date black women, or what black women are doing wrong, women like me can begin to feel like we're not good enough just as we are.So what should black women do if we're having no luck dating inside of our race?According to Nomi and plenty of others out there, we should look outwards.

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