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Then, the Visual Studio tools are used to bind the types defined in the model to the Win Forms controls. Entity; namespace Win Formswith EFSample In this walkthrough you can chose to implement a model using Code First or the EF Designer. This section shows how to create a model and its associated database using Code First.

The Win Forms data-binding framework enables navigation between related objects: selecting rows in the master view causes the detail view to update with the corresponding child data. Skip to the next section (Option 2: Define a model using Database First) if you would rather use Database First to reverse engineer your model from a database using the EF designer When using Code First development you usually begin by writing .

The To Binding List extention method is defined in the Entity Framework assembly. Products] PRIMARY KEY ([Product Id]) ) CREATE INDEX [IX_Category Id] ON [dbo].[Products]([Category Id]) ALTER TABLE [dbo].[Products] ADD CONSTRAINT [FK_dbo. Categories_Category Id] FOREIGN KEY ([Category Id]) REFERENCES [dbo].[Categories] ([Category Id]) ON DELETE CASCADE Once the reverse engineer process completes the new model is added to your project and opened up for you to view in the Entity Framework Designer.

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With this type of loading (called lazy loading), be aware that the first time you access each navigation property a separate query will be executed against the database if the contents are not already in the context.

When using POCO entity types, EF achieves lazy loading by creating instances of derived proxy types during runtime and then overriding virtual properties in your classes to add the loading hook.

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