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NBER Gross Domestic Product (GDP) & Income (GDI) Report [QUARTERLY, sample report up to 3Q2012] It is clear when reading various pronouncements made by the NBER Business Cycle Dating Committee that the two broadest measures of economic activity, real Gross Domestic Product (real GDP) and real Gross Domestic Income (real GDI) are .This recession probability model examines the quarterly economic indicators examined by the NBER for their recession dating determinations.In addition, clients can select their favorite Recession ALERT quantitative models and combine them together into a for input into the overall quantitative process used by them to manage their clients affairs.All data can be imported into your own quantitative models. SUBSCRIPTION OPTIONS Subscriptions are US9 per year once-off upfront payment for access to ALL the above reports, that are published 17 times per month.Firstly, the primary meaning of business cycle refers to fluctuations in economic output in a country or countries.These are the well-known phases of the business cycle such as recession, depression, recovery, and expansion.Citations Our approaches have caught the attention of well-followed financial blogger Jeff Miller, widely followed hedge fund manager John Hussman, and the highly popular blogger collection of 2 weekly and 6 monthly high-frequency reports that are published 14 times during the course of any month.We also offer a host of robust market timing models for investors and traders alike that are updated in real-time on our CHARTS menu. S economy is not an island in this global economy and the economic health of other countries have an impact on the U. This innovative visual report was developed in conjunction with various global Fund Managers to offer “at a glance” views of what is happening with any economy anywhere in the globe and looks at up to 80 countries’ GDP, Leading Economic Indicators (LEI’s) and Import/Export volumes.

We do this through various weekly and monthly PDF reports, live timing model and charts heads-up-displays, as well as insightful subscriber-only research from our RESEARCH section and occasional commentary from our REFLECTIONS blog.These are combined into an equally weighted composite signal.The higher the CMHI the more bullish the market and the lower the CMHI the more bearish the market.All this is offered for a single 9 per year non-auto renewable subscription. S Stock Market Timing We offer a unique blend of traditional econometrics coupled with stock market timing methodology to assist traders, private investors and fund managers to outperform the market on an absolute and risk adjusted returns basis. S market timing methodologies we offer are discussed in this Market Timing Summary. Global Economic Report [1st WEEK OF EACH MONTH, sample report up to Dec 2012] This offers a global view to our clients as part of our overall U. Most of our clients agree that the yearly subscription is worth this single report alone. Weekly Recession Model Report [EVERY MONDAY, sample report up to ] The RFE is a collection of diversified recession forecasting methodologies that differ in data, approach and theory to offer us an over-arching recession dating, forecasting and asset-allocation approach that is resilient to “model risk”. There is no “one size fits all” model that performs well in the past and is guaranteed to perform well into the future. Since recession calls are “high stakes” events, with costly consequences for either calling a recession when there is none (as with the recent ECRI call that cost investors who heeded it 28% in lost stock market gains) or failing to call a recession and getting caught in the average 30% recessionary draw-down, we need to be very sure when we make a call.Recent samples can be downloaded below (no obligation, no emails required). The only way to do that is by consulting multiple robust models that are not too correlated with each other in make-up or methodology.

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