C validating data

I had thought that this was a default behaviour for some reason, but testing this out reveals this not to be the case for my Text Box.Are there any suggestions for a better way to implement a simple undo?The edit is a means of entering data that will be passed to the underlhying data member.

In this case, the *standard* Validation event doesn't apply because the control hasn't lost focus yet.

I looked at the interface for the | textbox and I couldn't see where the previous value of the control would be | stored... That being said, I'll | probably build it myself anyways to give myself some flexibility.

I can't see the previous messages in this thread, has the subject changed ?

General question about how Win Forms handles undoing a change during a control's validation, if it does at all.

After a change to a control's value, if the data is determined to be invalid, then in the control's Validating event handler, setting e.

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