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Haidée and Juan fall in love despite the fact that neither can understand each other's language.Haidée's father Lambro is a "fisherman" and pirate who makes money from capturing Lord Byron, based on the legend of Don Juan, which Byron reverses, portraying Juan not as a womaniser but as someone easily seduced by women. Byron himself called it an "Epic Satire" (Don Juan, c. Byron claimed that he had no ideas in his mind as to what would happen in subsequent cantos as he wrote his work. Nevertheless, the composition of his great poem, Don Juan, was coextensive with a major part of his poetical life. Cantos VI., VII., VIII., with a Preface, were published on 15 July; Cantos IX., X., XI on 29 August; Cantos XII., XIII., XIV., on 17 December 1823; Cantos XV., XVI. It has been said that the character of Donna Inez (Don Juan's mother) was a thinly-veiled portrait of Byron's own wife, Annabella Milbanke (daughter of Sir Ralph Milbanke). Byron completed 16 cantos, leaving an unfinished 17th canto before his death in 1824. But the publication of these later cantos, which had been declined by John Murray, and was finally entrusted to John Hunt, was spread over a period of several months.She disguises him as a girl and sneaks him into her chambers.Don Juan escapes, joins the Russian army, and rescues a Muslim girl named Leila.

It is in this latter section is "The Isles of Greece", a section numbered differently from the rest of the canto with a different verse, which explores Byron's views on Greece's status as a "slave" to the Ottoman Empire.

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Canto II describes how Juan goes on a voyage from Cadiz with servants and his tutor Pedrillo.

Juan is still in love with Julia, and after a period of seasickness, a storm sinks the ship.

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