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If you want to import multiple photos to different folders, follow the steps above and create new folders for each until you've imported them all.

After you've created or selected a specific folder to import your photos to, you can find them under My Albums. If you don't select a folder to import your photos to, you can still find them easily.

The following guide will help you choose the service that’s right for your specific needs.

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If you're trying to import a bunch of pictures from a specific event, you can also create a brand new folder and move them directly to it for better organization. The pictures will be imported directly to the folder you selected.

You may upgrade your Device Pack to enhance the camera compatibility of your Surveillance Station.

You can even set up the Photos app on Mac to import photos automatically from that specific device.

In High Sierra, you can also select which album you want those photos to go to.

So you’ll get a pretty good idea of what your potential cybersex partner will look and sound like before committing to anything.

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