The full title translating into English as , which debuted in January of 1921.‘Roboti’ derives from the Old Church Slavanic ‘rabota’, meaning ‘servitude’, which in turn comes from ‘rabu’, meaning ‘slave’. Eventually the robots become ubiquitous, taking over pretty much every job for mankind.If you liked this article, you might also be interested in this one: The First Known Robot was Created Around 400-350 BC by the Mathematician Archytas and was a Steam Powered Pigeon.Before the German evening news programme, the Tagesschau, was able to go live with its new look, specialists had been working to develop a safety concept that was unique. It’s eight o’clock in the evening in a typical German living room: the TV is on, and the family is waiting for the usual opening credits of the Tagesschau.“Whether the gripper arms shake when the camera is in motion is completely irrelevant.The main thing is that it hits the target.” The movements of these robots, from which 20 kg cameras are suspended, must in contrast be smooth, and starts and stops must not be allowed to cause the cameras to wobble, which would lead viewers to see a wavering image.

“There isn’t yet any specific standard or directive to guide us.Thomas, supposedly destroyed the “diabolic being” and denounced it as a “tool of Satan and blasphemy to God”.The famed aphesis of the word android, ‘droid’, was coined by none other than George Lucas and first appeared in .The robots in this story then more resemble what we now would call ‘androids’.If you’re curious, the first documented mention of the word ‘android’ is in the 18th century Ephraim Chambers’ Cyclopaedia, “Albertus Magnus is recorded as having made a famous androides”.

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