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Taking matters into her own hands, Amy incorporated her own business and launched her official member-based website, Amy, in March 2012.Using this platform, Amy has produced webcam shows, homemade hardcore, and fetish hardcore.As Amy explained on Twitter: ‘Let me just throw this out there.My implants are a result of a disordered body image I had when I was young.

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By late 2011, Amy had grown frustrated by the lack of porn producers and actors in Canada, which she blamed for the slow growth of her career.

In August 2015 she planned to get 1250-1500 expanders which she got on 25th September 2015.

Since late 2013, Amy has undertaken a mission to vitalize Canadian hardcore porn industry.

In January 16, Amy got a correction surgery and reduced to 565cc.

In February 2015, Amy had to removed the left implant again due to new breast issues, and put a hold on breast enhancement, she was still doing web shows however.

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