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    On this one, in season four’s “Our Father, Whose Art Ain’t Heaven,” it’s a recipe for hilarity, spawned from Frasier rejecting Martin’s painting and everyone breaking down: That reaction is just incredible, and the laugh it gets from the audience is well-deserved. The chair off the balcony: As previously mentioned, there’s an argument that the heart of Frasier is Martin’s beat-up chair and what that symbolizes about him, his son and their uneasy cohabitation. The ultimate chair episode may be season nine’s “Bla-Z Boy,” where Frasier accidentally sets Martin’s chair on fire and knocks it off the balcony, barely missing Martin in the process. Just admit it, Dad: Your latent hostility toward me has been building through the years, little by little, until you’ve finally struck the Achilles’ heel of my decor, the Berber carpet! Martin: For the last time, this was not malicious, it was an accident!