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Should you be lucky enough to end up with someone from one of these places, research shows these relationships tend to be happier, more satisfying, and generally longer than the average relationship.

If meeting women isn’t the problem, but getting them to say “yes” to you is, use these 9 words in the first 3 minutes to attract the girl you want, anywhere, anytime.

This ensures you can make and maintain quality conversations around the topic that connects you.

The next time you visit your favorite bookstore, keep an eye out for attractive women perusing your favorite shelves.

Words are very powerful weapons because they can make us feel thousands of different emotions from being on top of the world to feeling completely miserable.

Now, imagine […] Continue reading Imagine you meet a nice, smart, pretty, hot or whatever girl.

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Taking a class automatically fosters a commonality with your fellow students.

So, the first order of business is to figure out what kind of relationship you want, and then plot your social route around this choice.

If you’re looking for a woman who can become your girlfriend, watch this video presentation for the 3 steps you MUST take to make that happen.

They are very family-oriented, love to cook, educated and make great wives.

Although, it may not be so easy dating a Russian woman, especially if you have never dated one before and are not Russian yourself.

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