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I've compiled information on Advance, Butterick, Du Barry, Hollywood, Mc Call and Simplicity patterns from the internet into one place so hopefully this helps someone trying to date a pattern.

If you find something that is contrary to your knowledge please let me know so I can adjust this post to be more helpful.

In the 1930's to the early 1940's the Butterick logo was across the whole top of the pattern or in script print anywhere on the pattern.

During the mid 1940's the logo was placed in a black box and in the late 1940's the logo was fixed in the left hand corner.

They were instituted during WWII because so many mail clerks had been drafted and zones made it easier for the new, inexperienced clerks to sort mail.

Mail order patterns are more difficult to date: many don't have the year in the postmark. She sells a PDF, "Dating Sewing Patterns" for .95 that covers all of the major pattern companies as well as mail order postmarks.

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Wir arbeiten dabei mit Social Media-, Marketing- und Analytik-Partnern zusammen (die ggf. Wenn du "Nein" wählst, werden dir trotzdem weiterhin Etsy-Anzeigen angezeigt, aber diese könnten dann für dich weniger interessant oder sehr repetitiv sein.During WW2 Hollywood patterns had a star in the upper left hand corner.and they also had patterns from the 1930's with four stars below the logo on the left hand side.During the mid 1930's the logo became a square box at the middle right hand side.Then in the late 1930's the Du Barry logo moved to the bottom left hand corner with the price of the pattern above it.

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