Chalker updating the model of female sexuality

Today, we live, love, and have sexual relationships under what is essentially a male model of human sexuality.

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There’s a sense that you should go out there and ask for what you want, [and] a lot of women go YES! We have freedom, but we end up feeling bad because we don’t know what to do with [it]“ (emphasis added).

Some might even think of the Q that's sometimes tacked on to the end of that acronym and most often stands for queer.

These (plus "straight") are the sexual orientations that get the most play in television and media (and even then, LGB representation is hardly stellar).

Ejaculation and the single, explosive orgasm continue to be seen as emblematic of men’s superior sexual prowess.

Penis-in-vagina intercourse is still considered the of sexual activity, while other methods of achieving sexual pleasure and orgasm are considered second-rate or viewed as not entirely “real” forms of sexual activity.

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