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The Chamorro were the indigenous population of the Mariana Islands when Magellan first visited Guam in 1521.

It was not until 1668 however that the Jesuits and soldiery set about converting and subduing the islanders.

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Linguistic and archaeological studies have indicated that two thousand years before the birth of Christ, the remote islands of the Mariana archipelago were settled by people from Southeast Asia.

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The adjacent sketch is the only detailed drawing of a traditional Chamorro canoe known to exist.

Ancestor worship was an integral part of ancient Chamorro culture.

According to historical account, skulls were exhumed from grave sites after the flesh had decomposed, a practice illustrated by this photograph of a headless burial from Saipan.

In the years that followed, the Mariana Islands north of Guam became completely depopulated.

By the late 19th century, although the population of Guam had increased again, it had become a mixture of Chamorro, Filipino and Spanish stock.

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