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I sure don't claim to be much of an expert about anything, but why don't you send it to someone like Wright's or Simmons and have it rebuilt?

I had that problem on my model 12 Pigeon Trap that was no stranger on the 16 yard line by the previous owner.

With all the model 12 experts on this forum, I feel that someone might share some ideas other than make it a wall hanger.

You'll get more "experts" here than you will want to listen to.

I think that I can replace the action slide and correct this problem.

I was wondering if anyone else has had the same problem or am I mistaken inmy assessment and there is another problem that I need to look at.

The new HXR-NX5R camcorder automatically cycles between the dual memory slots.

Professional audio is not forgotten with two XLR inputs that support Line, mic, and mic 48 (phantom power).

Mounted above the lens and just below the built-in mic, the LED light features a roughly 90° beam angle, outputting a color temperature of about 5500K. Has a huge lenses not like the half dollar size on pother lenses . I got it for legal videography and when I first got it I freaked out trying to find the time and date stamp setting.

It has an integrated dimmer and includes a snap-on diffuser to soften the output. Wedding cooking shows beauty pageants it will get it done. Turns out its in the OTHER menu then as DATA SET..something like that. Just wanted to let you know so you don't have a freakout moment like me. We are very familiar with the first version of this camera (HXR-NX5U), and liked it's versatility, so we ordered the new version (HXR-NX5R) and have found it to be even better in many ways over the original version.� One big improvement, for us anyway, was that the new version operates on battery and AC power simultaneously.� Most of our video taping involves recording lengthy events with the camera running on AC power, so we were always worried with our previous camera that if the AC power got interrupted, the recording would fail.� The new version allows the battery to be installed while on AC power, so if the AC power fails, the battery takes over seamlessly.� Another nice feature is the extended zoom capability which nearly doubles the zoom range of the 20X optical lens digitally without causing any noticeable artifacts in the picture.

Suitable for documentaries, corporate, weddings, events, nature, sports, and journalism, the NX5R shoots at NTSC broadcast frame rates from 59.94 to 23.98.

The built-in Wi-Fi and FTP wireless connections enable you to send footage to your editor from the camera while on location, instead of having to send the media cards to the editor.

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