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“Oopsie” she giggled, as the tustle between, penis, elastic and nurse was won by Penis, which slapped back upright so fast, it gave us both a fright.

I had both her breasts in either hand as I lay back and thrust my hips forward to give her better reach.

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As the bra slid to the side her perky nipples hardened, her Areola was the size of a silver dollar coin, but soon began to pucker up as I put my mouth over and latched on to them.I released her tits and put my hands behind her head and ran my fingers through her hair, following her every move.I can’t explain how she teased at one second and sucked hard the next, whilst the whole time massaging my cock with her mouth.Within about 6 strokes, as my arse tightened and the powerful feeling surged through my balls and my cock spewed the white glob up and onto the steering wheel and dash, As the second convulsion followed, then the next, and the next. God she was beautiful, those tits, that firm young body, I was suddenly embarrassed.Over the next few weeks, I arranged that Rebecca would follow me on ward rounds and even put in unpaid overtime just to be around her. The stories about the Nurses res, their weekends of fun, left me dashing off to the men’s room, to stroke my rock hard cock again and again. I grabbed her arm the one day and said, “Rebecca, you are driving me crazy, I’m 45years old, and all I can think about all day and night is making love to you”.

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